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Gentle Touch Stables

Added: 04/28/2009 2:57pm
General Information
Stable manager/owner: Fred White
Stable website:
Type of stable: public

Address and Contact
Street: 1433 Big Bethel Road
City: Hampton
State: VA
ZIP Code: 23666
Phone number: 757-766-2435

Property Profile
Approximate size of property: 10 acres
Approximate number of horses on property: 25-49
Approximate age of stalls: over 25 years old
Types/sizes of stalls: Box stall
Number of arenas: 1-5
Type of footing in the arenas: Sand
Number of turnouts: 1-5
Type of turnout: dirt
Access to trails or bridle path: unknown
Approx. number of vets in service area: unknown
Approx. number of farriers in service area: unknown

Number of trainers on premises: 1
Trainers for which disciplines: Hunter/Jumper

Disciplines supported: Hunter/Jumper
Type of feed: Orchard hay
Supplemental feeding services: yes
Frequency of stall cleaning: once a day
Horse shows held: no
Indoor or covered arena available: no
Eventing course available: no
Eventing course level: N/A
Race track available: no
Hot walker or Euroxciser available: none
Grooming/care services available: no
Number of crossties: 1-5
Number of hitching posts: 1-5
Number of washracks: 1-5
Heated water in washracks: yes
Breeding facilities available: no
Trailer parking available: yes
Grazing available: no

General boarding costs: $400-$600/month
Cost of trailer parking: N/A

Other features: none

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Reviews for Gentle Touch Stables

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Reviewed by Anon on 06/27/2012 8:01pm
91 out of 196 people found this review helpful
What I like:
Inviting to beginners.
What needs improvement:
The horses do not get great care. There is an extreme amount of drama caused by one of the instructors. The quality of the hay is variable, some months its great, others its horrible. Somewhat barbaric ways of "training" horses. One instructor in particular should not be teaching. Stall have holes. Horses are underweight and stand out in the muddy pastures, making their hooves soft. If you can afford to go to a different place. Do it.
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Reviewed by Helena on 02/13/2012 5:47pm
83 out of 218 people found this review helpful
What I like:
Absolutely nothing.
What needs improvement:
I live in the area and never have I seen a car going in or out of that driveway. Every now and then i'll see a horse or two out in the dirt (I refuse to call it a pasture because there is no grass). I never see any riders and when I do see horses, they look skinny. That place is not a stable, it's a horse prison.
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Reviewed by Former Rider on 05/01/2009 9:52am
81 out of 248 people found this review helpful
What I like:
High quality hay and grain. Fred is really easy to get along with.
What needs improvement:
Really needs to work on pasture since there is ZERO grass in the fields due to too many horses in one area. Ring is cluttered and had huge hunters trench- simply working the ring would help. Had strangles and didn't quarantine the barn or tell anyone so they could sanitize properly.
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Reviewed by Former Boarder on 04/28/2009 3:08pm
76 out of 235 people found this review helpful
What I like:
One of the few boarding barns in the Hampton area with an organized lesson program. Barn owner is very knowledable about horse care and maintenance. Horses are well-cared for with quaility feed/hay and ample hours of turnout. Lots of kids around since it is a very active program. Also good "down-time" for the boarders to ride without kids underfoot.
What needs improvement:
Capability of school ponies was adequate for beginning riders and early intermediate. However there were no school ponies available who knew their job beyond w/t/c and hop over little jumps. Lead changes and basic lateral work were demonstrated by sales horses. Students were asked to learn these movements on horses/ponies who were also learning.
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