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Bergen Equestrian Center

Added: 03/19/2009 4:46pm. Last updated: 06/09/2009 11:54pm
General Information
Stable manager/owner: April Neumann
Stable website: unknown
Type of stable: public

Address and Contact
Street: 40 Fort Lee Road
City: Leonia
State: NJ
ZIP Code: 07605
Phone number: 201-242-1920

Property Profile
Approximate size of property: 20 acres
Approximate number of horses on property: 50-74
Approximate age of stalls: over 25 years old
Types/sizes of stalls: Box stall
Number of arenas: 1-5
Type of footing in the arenas: varies, mostly good footing
Number of turnouts: 11-15
Type of turnout: both grass and dirt
Access to trails or bridle path: easy to access
Approx. number of vets in service area: 1-5
Approx. number of farriers in service area: 1-5

Number of trainers on premises: 2-5
Trainers for which disciplines: Hunter/Jumper, Dressage

Disciplines supported: Hunter/Jumper, Dressage
Type of feed: Alfalfa hay
Supplemental feeding services: yes
Frequency of stall cleaning: twice a day
Horse shows held: yes
Indoor or covered arena available: yes
Eventing course available: no
Eventing course level: N/A
Race track available: no
Hot walker or Euroxciser available: none
Grooming/care services available: yes
Number of crossties: 6-10
Number of hitching posts: none
Number of washracks: 1-5
Heated water in washracks: yes
Breeding facilities available: no
Trailer parking available: no
Grazing available: yes

General boarding costs: more than $800/month
Cost of trailer parking: N/A

Other features: Very close to Manhattan and easily accessible from the George Washington Bridge. Vet visits once per week unless called in for an emergency. Large indoor arena and nice outdoor rings one of which has lights for nighttime riding. Grooms live on premises for security and night checks.

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Reviewed by Jade Urbay on 09/23/2009 10:11pm
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What I like:
It's got a very convenient location close to NYC and is a lovely facility, with nice rings and very good footing. The lesson horses are nice enough, but lame too often and poorly managed.
What needs improvement:
No one, including Bergen County seems to be able to run the place decently. Their office staff has been woefully lacking for years, with confusion, incompetenc and inconsistency being the status quo.

They get talented instructors once in awhile, but can't seem to keep them (or appreciate them), but manage to keep the truly terrible instructors (who have a long list of customer complaints). The management of the lesson horse program is poor, with lack of turnout leading to horses being lame regularly (hello! horses need to move, not be stuck in stalls 20 hrs/day!). The facility offers too many private lessons, which is not conducive to learning or profitability.

Finally, they brought in some "equine management company" to re-engineer the business (didn't we stop doing that in the 80s?) and they managed to make a total mess of it and alienate customers and employees alike.

At this point, they should make the place a dedicated show facility since they can't find someone who will run the place properly.
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Reviewed by NewYorkEquestrian on 03/19/2009 5:29pm
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What I like:
This stable is well located. Easily accessible from the George Washington Bridge. The facility is solid, if not particularly attractive. The indoor arena is large and the jumps are very nice. The footing in the main outdoor arena is very good. Horse are provided with enough hay and bran mash is provided twice per week. Extra supplements can be administered at the owner's request.
What needs improvement:
The prices are way too high. Every service has a price associated with it and basic board is still over $2,000. Costs range from $20 per leg wrapping to $150 for body clipping. Charges are incurred for everything from basic grooming to holding the horse for the farrier. Inexperienced trainers are billed as senior instructors with higher rates. There are very few school horses and even fewer that are able to jump. Apparently they will be undergoing extensive construction during the summer of 2009. Horses will live outside in tents during this period. Little information has been released to the public about this construction.
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