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Hideaway Horse Center

Added: 05/31/2010 2:32pm
General Information
Stable manager/owner: unknown
Stable website:
Type of stable: unknown

Address and Contact
Street: 12301 Crossroad Trail
City: Brandywine
State: MD
ZIP Code: 20613
Phone number: (301) 782-3200

Property Profile
Approximate size of property: unknown
Approximate number of horses on property: unknown
Approximate age of stalls: unknown
Types/sizes of stalls: unknown
Number of arenas: unknown
Type of footing in the arenas: unknown
Number of turnouts: unknown
Type of turnout: unknown
Access to trails or bridle path: unknown
Approx. number of vets in service area: unknown
Approx. number of farriers in service area: unknown

Number of trainers on premises: unknown
Trainers for which disciplines: unknown

Disciplines supported: unknown
Type of feed: unknown
Supplemental feeding services: unknown
Frequency of stall cleaning: unknown
Horse shows held: unknown
Indoor or covered arena available: unknown
Eventing course available: unknown
Eventing course level: unknown
Race track available: unknown
Hot walker or Euroxciser available: unknown
Grooming/care services available: unknown
Number of crossties: unknown
Number of hitching posts: unknown
Number of washracks: unknown
Heated water in washracks: unknown
Breeding facilities available: unknown
Trailer parking available: unknown
Grazing available: unknown

General boarding costs: unknown
Cost of trailer parking: unknown

Other features: none

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Reviews for Hideaway Horse Center

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Reviewed by Megan on 09/16/2014 3:16am
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What I like:
Wonderful facility, lots of grazing areas, all fields are on round bales 24/7 with exception of private paddocks, which are given hay 3 times a day and water is checked and cleaned daily at least twice. Beautiful trails with opportunities to school through water and banks. HUGE indoor ring! Also a considerably large outdoor XC grass arena with jumps, A dressage sand ring, and a second grass ring, so you never feel crowded if you come to ride your horse and there are lessons, or if one ring is full you have 3 more and trails to choose from!

Fields are spacious and shaded, the gelding field, where my horse lives, wraps around the entire back of the property and looks more like two very large fields with a connecting hallway almost. One field is nothing but lush grass and trees for shade. The mare field is also quite large, not as much grass as the geldings and too offers a substantial amount of shade, Hideaway does limit the amount of horses in the fields, the mare maximum is 10 and the gelding is 18-20. there are 10 private paddocks, so as to ensure there is never an over crowded field.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff since the change, I have been a part of Hideaway for almost three years and have seen a huge improvement in the atmosphere of the barn in the past four months, every time you arrive someone is always there, usually the barn manager or Owner/owners daughter, which puts my mind at ease if any emergency ever were to happen I know someone is there to immediately deal with it.

Wonderful lesson program with lovely school horses, all well behaved on the ground and under saddle, instructors are also very kind and definitely give their students the opportunity to GROW, ive personally seen almost every student excel greatly since the change in management.

Staff has Always gotten back to me when I call or email with questions concerning my horse and has no hesitation to call me with questions, concerns or to notify me about my horse. I was recently called by the manager to ask what my routine for dealing with a cut was for my horse as he had gotten a nip In the field so I feel very comforted knowing if I don't swing by for a few days that he is in good hands.

All in all I love Hideaway, my horse is very happy and so am I with the care I receive, and would encourage anyone looking to move their horse to most certainly come look at Hideaway :)
What needs improvement:
The transition from previous to current owner/management was not handled well.

No shelters in gelding field, but plans to build one.
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Reviewed by Kate on 08/10/2014 3:46pm
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What I like:
the ring is large
What needs improvement:
I've never posted any sort of negative review before.
Hideaway recently changed management. The new management sadly seems far less involved with the boarders and their horses than the prior management. They seem much more interested in making money through summer camps, lessons, and other promotional activities.
My horse suffered a catastrophic knee injury (we think due to a kick while in a crowded mare paddock) while I was away on a week long trip last month and neither I nor our vet was notified when the injury proved to be extremely serious. I called the vet the day I returned and he recommended she be moved from the property.
Horses get hurt but to not call the owner or the vet when an injury obviously warrants such a call is unacceptable.
The management of Hideaway never called me to discuss her injury or to see how she was doing after she left their barn.
I believe the minimum standard of care by a boarding facility should be to contact the boarder and/or the vet when an injury requires immediate attention. We as a community must entrust our horse's safety and care to our barn's management when we are not in a position to keep our horses on our own property. We should be confident that, at a minimum, when we are not able to be physically present, our horses are safe and competently cared for.
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