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Coto De Caza Equestrian Center

Added: 03/24/2009 12:21pm
General Information
Stable manager/owner: Robin Borders & Ozzy Gonzalez
Stable website: unknown
Type of stable: private

Address and Contact
Street: 23401 Via Pajaro
City: Rancho Santa Margarita
State: CA
ZIP Code: 92679
Phone number: (949) 589-5700

Property Profile
Approximate size of property: 30 acres
Approximate number of horses on property: more than 200
Approximate age of stalls: 10-25 years old
Types/sizes of stalls: Box stall, Fully covered pipe corral, Partially covered pipe corral, In and out
Number of arenas: 6-10
Type of footing in the arenas: sand, dirt
Number of turnouts: 6-10
Type of turnout: dirt
Access to trails or bridle path: easy to access
Approx. number of vets in service area: 1-5
Approx. number of farriers in service area: 11-15

Number of trainers on premises: 11-15
Trainers for which disciplines: Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Eventing, Western Pleasure, Polo, Natural Horsemanship, Trail Riding

Disciplines supported: Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Eventing, Western Pleasure, Saddle Seat, Polo, Endurance, Therapeutic, Natural Horsemanship, Trail Riding
Type of feed: Alfalfa hay, Timothy hay
Supplemental feeding services: with trainer only
Frequency of stall cleaning: twice a day
Horse shows held: yes
Indoor or covered arena available: yes
Eventing course available: no
Eventing course level: N/A
Race track available: no
Hot walker or Euroxciser available: none
Grooming/care services available: with trainer only
Number of crossties: 11-15
Number of hitching posts: 1-5
Number of washracks: 1-5
Heated water in washracks: no
Breeding facilities available: no
Trailer parking available: yes
Grazing available: no

General boarding costs: $400-$600/month, $600-$800/month, more than $800/month
Cost of trailer parking: unknown

Other features: none

Information is updated by stable manager

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Reviewed by Father on 08/27/2015 6:33pm
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Reviewed by Disappointed Customer on 04/05/2014 6:35pm
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What I like:
The physical plant is excellent.
What needs improvement:
Horse care needs improvement. Feelings are sometimes missed and staff can be indifferent

The culture is set at the top by a vindictive autocratic manager Robin.

Robin tends to lash out and punish customers and trainers who don\'t do what she wants.
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Reviewed by Sharyl Locke on 05/23/2013 3:02pm
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What I like:
I was at the stable with my uncle in 1967 I think. Trainer there at the time was Blue Max.
My Uncle Eugene Joy had 2 stallions there. One was Fortune a Liver Chestnut Morgan Stallion and American Golden Palomino Saddlebred King. My uncle trailered my POA mare there and we went riding we had a great time. It was beautiful. I got to ride my uncles morgan after and I had him doing flying lead changes in the covered arena in front of the trainer and was informed that this horse would blow up on male riders who tried to cue his right lead. They were all wonderful to me and my Uncle . I will never forget that place. What a Marvelous Memory.
What needs improvement:
Don\'t know what could be improved as it has been along time since I was there last. They use to have fox hunts. Do they still have them?
They use to have hot and cold running bath water as well. Guess they don\'t now though
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Reviewed by Kacy Williams on 03/23/2013 9:44pm
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What I like:
I really liked the covered arenas but it is very picky about who can go into them and when. Trainers have their own private turn outs.
What needs improvement:
The price you pay is not at all what you get. I was really surprised that a 600 hundred dollar stall had plywood that was falling apart and old and run down stalls. Most of e people there are English and weren't that welcoming to a western rider.
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Reviewed by Samantha on 04/10/2009 3:37pm
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What I like:
The Covered Arena, Trails
What needs improvement:
The Dirt Roads. Main roads should at least be paved. Pretty overpriced. Paying about $700 for a 12X24 pipe stall. You are pretty much paying for the Coto De Caza title. People are snobby and insecure. People try to show off. I feel more like I'm at a fashion show when I'm there. Gaits are a pain in the butt.
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Reviewed by Chelsea on 03/24/2009 12:28pm
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What I like:
BEAUTIFUL easy access trails, Large stalls (for Orange County), quiet despite size, excellent management, friendly people, all horses are happy and healthy, lighted/covered arena
What needs improvement:
Footing in some of the turnouts is weird, a few trainers are rude (but you get that everywhere), but that's it really!
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